Stream/Download Death Grips’ ‘NO LOVE DEEP WEB’

    Sacramento, California’s own aggressive hip-hoppers Death Grips had been teasing something mysterious all day yesterday between their official Facebook and Twitter pages with short, vague posts like, “12AM PST,” “DONT BE A BITCH” and “O C T 1.” The band also tweeted:

    Apparently the Death Grips trio wasn’t going along with that plan because they decided to surprise fans at midnight with a stream and free download of all thirteen tracks from NO LOVE DEEP WEB, their follow-up to The Money Store which was released earlier this year to much acclaim. NO LOVE DEEP WEB‘s supposed “album cover” is a photo of a penis with the album title written on it in black ink. Said photo can be viewed on the band’s website as long as you’re over the age of 18 and into that kind of thing.

    You can stream the entire effort below via Death Grips’ Soundcloud and download it here free of charge. This should hold you off from being noided for awhile. Enjoy!