Stream: Um, Justin Bieber’s Remix Of Drake’s “Trust Issues”

    Two months ago, Drake released a pseudo-sequel to his killer track with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross — DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” — with sad-sack anthem “Trust Issues.” And it turned out to be pretty damn good. That is, of course, if you’re not totally against his more emo cuts, otherwise you probably had a field day with its lyrics.

    Anyway, fellow Toronto native, pop star, and prospective rapper Justin Bieber must have heard “Trust Issues” at some point and decided, “Hey, I should do a remix!” Because, well, that’s exactly what he’s done here, though it’s technically more of a cover than a remix because nothing has really changed other than the vocals.  Oh and there’s no profanity or usage of a certain word that starts with the letter “n.” That is until Drake’s rapped verse from the original shows up.

    And, um, it’s actually decent. What’s the over/under on Drizzy calling on the Biebs to work on Take Care or the follow-up album? Or, even better, what are the chances Bieber collaborates with frequent Drizzy producer Noah “40” Shebib?

    Stream the remix below.