Stream: The Weeknd’s First Live Performance

    As we reported three days ago, Abel Tesfaye made his official live debut as the Weeknd with a concert at the Mod Club last weekend. And even though the footage we saw was decent enough, the sound was, of course, still kind of muddy. That still might sort of be the case here, but this live rip of the show is pretty great. Well, it is if you can deal with the fact that the audience’s singing is just as audible as Tesfaye’s vocals at times. Also, apparently “Loft Music” and “Glass Table Girls” were performed but the audio didn’t make this rip. But enough complaining. It’s not like any of that is going to stop you (or me) from playing this for next hour or so.


    You can stream the concert recording below.


    The Weeknd – Live at the Mod Club by GertJan


    [Pitchfork via Kanyetothe]