Stream The Original Version Of J Dilla’s “Crushin'”

    It’s terribly fitting that we’re now hearing the original, Waajeed-produced version of J Dilla’s Ruff Draft classic “Crushin’.” As you likely know full well, hip-hop heads the world over are celebrating Dilla Month as his birthday and death anniversary both land in February. Additionally, Stones Throw recently released an instrumental version of Ruff Draft digitally and on vinyl. As if that all wasn’t enough, the folks over at Bling47 have been posting Dilla rarities for the entire month, including two killer Ray J remixes.

    That’s where this newly revealed original version of “Crushin'” comes from, though we’ll let Waajeed speak on that one for himself:

    Today’s stream is of the original version of “Crushin” produced by me. We have J Rocc to thank for this one. I was DJing with Houseshoes in San Fran with Fran Boogie and DJ Mr. E. We heard J Rocc was staying in the same hotel and went to holla at him. We were talking about Dilla rarities when he said that he liked that version of, “Crushin” I did.

    I was like what version!?! He played it and it split my melon! I did that beat for Dilla circa 2002 for his MCA project – I assumed he never used it when I didn’t hear anything. Turns out it was the original version that he later remixed himself for his then newly founded label, Mummy Records.

    Stream the track below. [B47]