Stream ‘The Odds,’ The New LP From Ian MacKaye’s The Evens

    Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina are the kinds of parents that a lot of music nerds would pine to have. The two are musical legends–MacKaye with Fugazi and Minor Threat, Farina with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists and the Warmers–and they also record together under the name the Evens. After putting out two albums and a 7″ in the mid-2000s, the duo took a break to have a kid, but now they’re back together as a musical force.

    On Nov. 20, Dischord will release The Odds, featuring the duo’s trademark melodic punk style. “Mature” is the term given to older punks, but the Evens can still prove biting without turning up the amps that much. Take a listen over at NPR.