Stream The Mary Onettes “Naive Dream”

    Sweden’s The Mary Onettes are back with some new glossy, hazy, dreamy, and new wave-y music for the masses. Following their third album Hit The Waves, the group are returning with a “mini-album.” The new track “Naive Dream” displays their progression quite nicely. The jangling guitars, effects, and emotional howling vocals all make their appearance again. But you can hear the years of song writing slowly moving into one singular aural experience. 

    For their new songs, the group was inspired by science fiction and old photographs. “We wanted to create a scenario to fit with the songs. So we decided it could be a journey into space. A silent hunt for something else. We always end up seeing our albums as small films. And Portico: would definitely be our little space saga. It’s a bit of a spiritual album. I want to get connected to nothingness” stated Philip Ekström. He continued “Besides this little space crush, this year has also been a lot about photographs. Endless pages in photo books has been a major influence for us. The pictures have served as portals into colors and emotions. I even sleep with the books in my bed.

    Their new mini-album Portico will be officially released on March 4, 2014 via Labrador Records.

    Stream the new track below: