Stream ‘Sweet Sensation’ – the First Album from The Embassy in Eight Years

    If you are going to make your fans wait eight years for a new record, it better be good enough to make up for all those years. My Bloody Valentine proved recently that if you have the gift, it never fades away. And the same is true for The Embassy. Not only is Sweet Sensation lives up to its name, but the duo’s third LP impresses with its concurrent ability to be current and timeless. Though many Gothenburg acts have taken cue from Fredrik Lindson and Torbjörn Håkansson, no one does the Swedish electro/indie pop like The Embassy. I dare say not even that duo from UK, The Pet Shop Boys, mastered the alchemy of acoustic and electro elements quite like the Lindson and Håkansson.   

    You’ve already heard two tracks from Sweet Sensation, now hear the entire album! And let it permeate the feeling of a coastal Swedish town a summer’s day, where life is thriving and pulsating even through the concrete sidewalks.

    Release Date: February 26, 2013, International