Stream Siinai’s Debut LP, ‘Olympic Games’ (Prefix Premiere)

    Siinai is a Finnish band seemingly bent on emphasizing the collective over the individual. Not that its members–made up of fellow Helsinki-based acts Joensuu 1685, Äänijännite and Zebra & Snake–are ineffective soloists. The band’s sound, dubbed “Krautgaze,” is simply an exercise in total teamwork. Appropriately, Siinai’s debut album, Olympic Games–out on Norwegian label Splendour–features the kind of boundless community only acquired through some form of triumphant win. Song titles include the three-part (but two-track) “Anthem” series and a closer called “Finish Line.”

    But what speaks to Games‘ attempt at lush heroism most clearly is “Marathon.” For nearly five minutes the track rides a repetitive march of fuzzy electronics, as if training, before oozing into a sense of completion brought about by a wash of choir-like noise. “Marathon” is very much a condensed take on the eight-track album, leading you through the build-up, boil-over and fade-out. “Victory” is similarly staged, with Siinai demonstrating that its strength lies in the long-form. Still, shorter tracks, such as “Munich 1972” and “Olympic Fire,” are equally if not more explorative instrumentally than those clocking in around seven minutes; and the album, in turn, is bolstered by the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You can stream Olympic Games below.