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Stream Siinai's Debut LP, 'Olympic Games' (Prefix Premiere)

Siinai is a Finnish band seemingly bent on emphasizing the collective over the individual. Not that its members--made up of fellow Helsinki-based acts Joensuu 1685, Äänijännite and Zebra & Snake--are ineffective soloists. The band's sound, dubbed "Krautgaze," is simply an exercise in total teamwork. Appropriately, Siinai's debut album, Olympic Games--out on Norwegian label Splendour--features the kind of boundless community only acquired through some form of triumphant win. Song titles include the three-part (but two-track) "Anthem" series and a closer called "Finish Line."

But what speaks to Games' attempt at lush heroism most clearly is "Marathon." For nearly five minutes the track rides a repetitive march of fuzzy electronics, as if training, before oozing into a sense of completion brought about by a wash of choir-like noise. "Marathon" is very much a condensed take on the eight-track album, leading you through the build-up, boil-over and fade-out. "Victory" is similarly staged, with Siinai demonstrating that its strength lies in the long-form. Still, shorter tracks, such as "Munich 1972" and "Olympic Fire," are equally if not more explorative instrumentally than those clocking in around seven minutes; and the album, in turn, is bolstered by the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You can stream Olympic Games below.

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