Stream: Panda Bear’s ‘Tomboy’

    Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear and one-fourth of Animal Collective, is set to release his fourth solo record, Tomboy, next Tuesday. And it’s about damn time! We have been anticipating this album since we wore out his last one, 2007’s fantastic Person Pitch. Lennox made the wait even more difficult when he dropped the “Tomboy” single last July and followed it up with more vinyl-only releases, such as “Last Night at the Jetty.”


    While we knew back then that they were leading up to a proper album, the singles weren’t even the final product. Lennox went back to the tunes and mixed them again while adding some new material to make up Tomboy. And the folks at NPR, who invited him to guest DJ last week, have the entire album up for streaming. And I might only be a four songs deep so far, but everything is sounding absolutely great.


    Shake off your case of the Mondays and head over to NPR to hear Tomboy, which is due out April 12.