Stream New Guided By Voices, “Copy Zero”

    After an eight-year hiatus, Guided By Voices released three full-length albums in 2012, the latest dropping a mere two months ago (The Bears for Lunch). Not content to sit idly, the band has already announced the forthcoming release of a six-song EP titled Down by the Racetrack, due out Jan. 22. If that’s not enough to satisfy the most persnickety GBV fan (and we all know the average attention span is comparable to the length of a GBV song), they have another full-length album, English Little League, expected this spring.

    Listen to the fifth track off Down by the Racetrack below. “Copy Zero” puts us in familiar territory, with Robert Pollard waxing weird over a hypnotic drone; the whole thing is slightly convoluted, just as it should be.

    Down By The Racetrack EP
    1. It Travels Faster Through Thin Hair
    2. Pictures of the Man
    3. Amanda Gray
    4. Standing in a Puddle of Flesh
    5. Copy Zero
    6. Down by the Racetrack
    (Limited to 1500 7-inches and 2000 CDs)

    You can pre-order Down by the Racetrack via Rockathon Records