Stream: New Albums From Korn, Mickey Moonlight, Mwahaha

    Korn: The Path Of Totality at Hypemachine (or below)
    Release date: 12.06.11
    Label: Roadrunner
    Korn’s The Path of Totality is much more than just their tenth studio album. It’s also their first dubstep record — yes, it features collaborations with producers such as Skrillex, Noisia, and Excision.

    Mickey Moonlight: The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation at Spinner
    Release date: 12.06.11
    Label: Ed Banger
    Mickey Moonlight has described his headphones-ready debut album, The Time Axis Manipulation, as Science-Fiction Exotica. It features George Lewis Jr., Marina Gasloina (ex Bonde de Role), Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), Lou Hayter (The New Sins & New Young Pony Club), and others.

    Mwahaha: Mwahaha at Spinner
    Release date: 12.06.11
    Label: Mwahaha Music
    Psych-rockers Mwahaha issue their self-titled debut full-length, which features Merrill Garbus on stand-out lead single “Love.”

    Anthony Hamilton: Back To Love at NPR
    Release date: 12.13.11
    Label: RCA
    Soulman Anthony Hamilton bridges the gap between various genres on his sixth album, Back to Love, which features ballads, soul-funk, and church-esque excursions.

    yU: The Earn at Bandcamp
    Release date: 12.13.11
    Label: Mello Music Group
    The Earn serves as rapper-producer yU’s follow-up to last year’s excellent Before TaxesThe Earn includes guest appearances from yU’s Diamond District cohorts Uptown XO and Oddisee, among others.

    Shlohmo: Shlo-Fi at Bandcamp
    Release date: 12.05.11
    Label: Error Broadcast
    Before Shlohmo caught a buzz over the past year or so, he dropped the Shlo-Fi EP back in 2009. Error Broadcast has reissued the project digitally and on vinyl with five additional remixes.