Stream New Albums From Die Antwoord, Shearwater, Field Music

    Die Antwoord: TEN$ION at 3VOOR12
    Release date: 02.07.12
    Label: Downtown
    In the past few months, South African electro-rap outfit Die Antwoord left their major label deal at Interscope and quickly put together their latest album, TEN$ION, which continues their progression toward the weirder realms of beat-based music.

    Shearwater: Animal Joy at NPR
    Release date: 02.14.12
    Label: Sub Pop
    Animal Joy serves as the seventh full-length album for Shearwater and the first since 2010’s The Golden Archipelago. Since releasing that record two years ago and effectively ending a three-album arc, Jonathan Meiburg and his players have gone in a more straightforward direction musically on Animal Joy.

    Field Music: Plumb at NPR
    Release date: 02.14.12
    Label: Memphis Industries
    Field Music’s Plumb finds David and Peter Brewis further stepping into the realm of progressive rock-tinged songwriting with enough pop sensibilities to keep things from not getting too artsy.

    Young Magic: Melt at Hypemachine (or below)
    Release date: 02.14.2012
    Label: Carpark Records
    Brooklyn’s Young Magic caught a strong buzz with a series of noisy/dreamy singles and short-form releases, but Melt represents the three-piece’s debut full-length album.

    Tennis: Young & Old at Hypetrak (or below)
    Label: Fat Possum
    Release date: 02.14.12
    Husband-wife duo Tennis return with their sophomore album, Young & Old, which features production from the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and a new member in drummer James Barone.

    Mux Mool: Planet High School at FADER (or below)
    Label: Ghostly
    Release date: 02.07.12
    Brooklyn’s Mux Mool takes his aim off the dance floor and releases a beat-heavy, albeit less pulsing, record in Planet High School. It’s his follow-up to 2010’s Skulltaste.

    Fucked Up: Year Of The Tiger 12″ at Matador Records (or below)
    Label: Matador
    Release date: 02.07.12
    Fucked Up return with their fifth entry in their Chinese Zodiac Singles series, this time taking on the “Year of the Tiger.” It’s their first since 2010 and sure to appease everyone craving more tunes from the Toronto hardcore punks.

    Phèdre: Phèdre at Gorilla Vs. Bear (or below)
    Label: Daps
    Release date: 02.14.12
    If you fancy yourself a lover of lo-fi, experimental pop tunes, then you’re probably going to adore the self-titled debut from Phèdre.

    Earth: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II at Pitchfork (or below)
    Label: Southern Lord
    Release date: 02.14.12 
    Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II is the sequel to Earth’s 2011 release and, like its predecessor, finds the doom-metal stalwarts dabbling in folk-y, country western sounds while still finding time to crush your skull.

    Big Sir: Before Gardens After Gardens at Spinner
    Label: Sargent House
    Release date: 02.07.12
    Before Gardens After Gardens is the latest release from Big Sir, the duo of Lisa Papineau and Juan Alderete. Together, they tackle the moody and the danceable sides of music while showing off some real vocal chops. Featured guests include Alderete’s fellow Mars Volta players and Broken Bells’ bassist Jonathan Hischke.

    Frankie Rose: Interstellar at Spin
    Label: Slumberland
    Release date: 02.21.12
    After spending time in Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls, Frankie Rose went solo in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Interstellar is her follow-up to her self-titled debut and, really, it’s sounding like it could be one of the year’s biggest records.

    Nick Thayer: Like Boom EP at Soundcloud (or below)
    Label: OWSLA
    Release date: 02.07.12
    Nick Thayer’s Like Boom EP is the Australian producer/DJ’s debut on Skrillex’s OWSLA label and it’s a mainstream-friendly mix of hip-hop, electro, dubstep, and more.

    Royal Baths: Better Luck Next Life at Noisey (or below)
    Label: Kanine
    Release date: 02.07.12
    Brooklyn’s Royal Baths blend dirty garage rock with swirling psychedelia on Better Luck Next Life, a nine-track affair sure to soundtrack your next night filled with bourbon drinking.