Stream Mount Kimbie’s ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ On NPR

    It seems like many artists are taking the route of streaming their album before its physical release, and Mount Kimbie has followed suit. The electronic duo’s album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth will be out next week, but they have made their album available for stream through NPR

    Seeing bands evolve from their former bedroom project sensibilities into full-fledged studio producers isn’t something new and is a stage that many artists go through- including Mount Kimbie. While the electronic duo may have still been confined to dance music with Crooks and Lovers, Mount Kimbie have now upgraded to a full fledged studio, incorporating new sounds and instruments with their anticipated followup album.

    While the album still lends itself to their earlier electronic sentiments, it is a good testament to their broadening appeal. Beginning with a minimalistic intro of white noise and MPC redolent beats, their single “Made To Stray,” morphs into a dance tune as disconnected vocals coalesce with lush synths. And while the abrupt vocal stop can be unsatisfying, it only leaves the listener wanting more.