Stream Leonard Cohen’s ‘Old Ideas’

    We’ve already heard “Darkness” and “Going Home” from Leonard Cohen’s forthcoming twelfth studio album, Old Ideas. This will be the singer’s first record in eight years, so naturally it’s something of an event. It’s not in stores until Jan. 31, but you can hear the full record for a limited time over at NPR’s website. In a neat tie-in with one of today’s other big new stories, NPR points out that Jarvis Cocker recently made the suggestion that Cohen’s new songs are “penitential hymns.” Decide for yourself by heading over to this link to hear it.




    Old Ideas track listing:

    1. Going Home
    2. Amen
    3. Show Me the Place
    4. Darkness
    5. Anyhow
    6. Crazy to Love You
    7. Come Healing
    8. Banjo
    9. Lullaby
    10. Different Sides