Stream Laurel Halo’s ‘Hour Logic’ EP

    You may know Laurel Halo as the voice behind Games’ excellent retro retread “Strawberry Skies” from last year. She also has a new EP in the offing, which is titled Hour Logic and is set to be released on June 21. Here, the Laurel Halo sound has been tweaked somewhat to include lengthy instrumental passages that are more dance oriented than much of her other work. The opening “Aquifier” is built around steely beats and cut-up samples, and like most of this EP her voice is kept distinctly on the backburner. The specter of the Knife also raises its head, as it has done on many other recordings in recent times, in the form of “Constant Index.” You can check out the entire EP for yourself for a limited time below. [via FACT]

    Laurel Halo: Hour Logic by factmag