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Stream: Kanye And Jay-Z's 'Watch The Throne'

In case you haven't already played it a dozen times already, here is the stream of Kanye West and Jay-Z's joint album, Watch The Throne. Surprisingly, it's actually pretty great and the only low point only comes at the beginning in the Beyonce-assisted "Lift Off." After that -- and before, because "No Church In The Wild" is ill -- the record hardly stumbles. I know plenty of heads are going to hate on the heavy use of synthesizers and keyboards on here. But shit, Jigga and Yeezy were chillin' in the U.K., clearly digging the scene over there, and got their producers (from the RZA to Swizz Beatz to Q-Tip) to embrace that sound. My favorite track so far might be "Who Gon Stop Me," but hey, what's yours?


You can stream the album below. It's out now on iTunes and drops physically this Friday.



[130 BPM]

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Kanye West

You guys are tempting me to listen to this thing, but I just can't.
I need to buy the album, then listen to it -it's the only way this can work for me.

From all accounts though, it's a brilliant album.
I can't wait to watch the throne.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif SoBo

Album is fire so far.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I think "Why I Love You" is my favorite, but there are many close seconds. After the first listen, I rate it an 8.5/10. I've heard a lot of people were unimpressed by this album, called it average, but damn, I don't know what they were listening to. The production was an absolute spectacle as expected. Jay's verses were GREAT. A couple lacked, and a couple were brilliant. Overall I think he has come harder on solo albums but he didn't hold back that much. Ye had a few great verses and a lot of good ones.

My criticisms would be that the chemistry lacked at times. On a few tracks like Murder to Excellence there was a disconnect between the artists, sorta like a mailed in feature. I get bored with the ballin-lifestyle-fashion-label rap but hey, rich guys will talk rich ish at times, and at least these artists are justified in doing so. WTT touched on plenty of other topics too. Religion, history, family. Jay even rapped about Beyonce for the first time. I was surprised by the amount of black pride on this album. We haven't heard much of that lately in hip-hop-- refreshing.

Jay Fan

i'm not feelin' this album really so far. i feel like listening to jay-z rap is like watching Shaq play ball these past few years.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Dipseth/sparkle.jpg Dipseth

Thank you for a great review. I love this album. Will be buying it. Go Kings.


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