Stream: Isaiah Toothtaker And Rapewolf’s ‘Rob Zombie’ Album, Produced By Harry Fraud

    Last month Tucson’s Isaiah Toothtaker released Toothy Wavy, a collaboration with the incarcerated rapper Max B. This month the Machina Muerte boss teams up with labelmate Rapewolf to release a 5-track album called Rob Zombie. The two rappers exchange their illicit verses, Toothtaker bareknuckle beating your eardrums and Rapewolf coldly caressing them, over sparkling Harry Fraud productions. Nowhere is Fraud’s work finer than on “Burn It Down,” a track that makes astonishing use of Coldplay’s 2002 song “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” This is thug rap at its very finest.

    Rob Zombie streams below.

    <a href=”” mce_href=””>Rob Zombie by Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf</a>