Stream GRMLN’s Debut EP ‘Explore’

    In his Prefix Artist To Watch profile, Yoodoo Park talks about why he chose the name GRMLN to record under. “I started making music during my senior year of high school,” he told Prefix’s Mike Burr, “and that’s the name I came up with. I felt like it described what I was at the time; I was just hanging out in my room all the time making music. I was some kind of creature.”

    That name might conjure up dark, pseudo-Satanic imagery, but GRMLN’s music is far from that association. On his debut EP, Explore, Park crafts a bedroom record that pops with the best of them: think Belle & Sebastian, Beat Happening, etc. But that hint of darkness hangs like a cloud over everything, from the suitably-titled “Depression” to the portrait of an unhappy couple on “Wedding.”  Explore comes out Oct. 23 via Carpark Records, but you can stream the entire EP below. [KCRW]