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Stream <em>808s & Heartbreak</em> on Kayne West's blog

Hey Kanye fans! Can't wait until Monday to listen to 808s & Heartbreak? Don't want to resort to illegal means? You're in luck; Kayne has made 808s & Heartbreak available on his Kayne UniverseCity blog, where you can stream the entirety of the album until its release date. So if you're still baffled by "Love Lockdown," and can't get past "Stronger," you have plenty of time to prep yourself for when the album  actually does comes out.


[Kayne UniverseCity]

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Kanye West

The album is actually out on Monday to capitalize on an extra day of Thanksgiving week sales.

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And there are no samples on the album. Except for the Tears for Fears references on "Coldest Winter"

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Duly noted and updated. Shows me for taking Prefix's previews verbatim.

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