Stream Donovan Blanc’s Blissfully Melancholic Self-Titled Debut LP

    Many bands go through musical metamorphosis, but are not compelled to rename themselves; even in the case of Liars – the ultimate restylers. For Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab, who used to make jangly, muddled pop as Honeydrum, the name change came with a new record. Donovan Blanc is the adulthood brother to teenage Honeydrum. The fuzz and hiss of Black and Schwab’s former sound has been polished to highlight their gorgeous harmonies. The New Jersey duo’s self-titled debut LP for Captured Tracks glows with warm analog sounds, emerging from the underwater playground to contemplate the mercurial world and peaking-over-the-shoulder nostalgia. 

    Donovan Blanc out June 24, 2014.