Stream Daniel Johnston’s ‘Space Ducks’ Soundtrack In Full

    Daniel Johnston introduced his new album at SXSW this year—a soundtrack record titled Space Ducks that ties in with a comic book of the same name. This is a true multi-media project, with a standalone iPhone/iPad app being issued to complement all the work Johnston has been undertaking. The music on Space Ducks isn’t all by Johnston—there are contributions from Eleanor Friedberger, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Deer Tick included, alongside a number of new tracks by the man himself. The opening title track, full of Stereolab-esque Moog bloops, is worth the price of admission alone. But make sure you stick around to hear Daniel get his Beatles on for “Sense of Humor.”

    Check out the full record and track listing below.

    1. Daniel Johnston, “Space Ducks Theme Song”
    2. Daniel Johnston, “American Dream”
    3. Daniel Johnston, “Sense of Humor”
    4. Eleanor Friedberger, “Come Down”
    5. Fruit Bats, “Evil Magic”
    6. Daniel Johnston, “Mean Girls Give Pleasure”
    7. Lavender Diamond, “Moment of Laughter”
    8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Satanic Planet”
    9. Daniel Johnston, “Wanting You”
    10. Daniel Johnston, “Mask”
    11. Daniel Johnston, “Mountain”
    12. Deer Tick, “Space Ducks”