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Stream Cut Chemist's Sound Of The Police

Stream Cut Chemist's Sound Of The Police

It's the middle of summer and the thickness of the heat is weighing you down. You still need your fix, but a mix of 20 or 30 bangers, fist-pumpers or some such feels uncharacteristically frenetic for the slug's pace of your mind. That's why you can count on Cut Chemist to slow down the pace with a turntable, a mixer, a loop pedal and a stack of Ethiopian and Afro-Brazilian records. Wuzzat, now? Too many words? Complicated, it sounds? Los Angeles-based KCRW is streaming his new mix/album Sound of the Police, which consists of two 20-something-minute blends fashioned in the above manner. Check it out for yourself. Strangely, this may be the sound of Cut Chemist going easy on your earholes.

[West Coast Sound]

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