Stream: Com Truise’s ‘Galactic Melt’

    Princeton, N.J.’s resident synth-monger Com Truise is set to release his debut full-length, the aptly titled Galactic Melt, tomorrow. But before it hits stores, he has linked with Hype Machine to stream the entire album. We already heard one of the record’s strongest tracks, “Cathode Girls,” earlier this spring. So if you were digging its glitched-out, ’80s-leaning vibes even just a lil’ bit, you’re definitely going to need to play the rest of Galactic Melt like right now. Just be sure to turn the volume down for “VHS Sex” if you’re thinking of bumping this at the workplace or anywhere with people who could be offended by moaning, space-y synths, and the words “VHS sex” being repeated by a robotic female voice.


    Stream the album below.