Stream Cold Showers’ New Album ‘Love And Regret’

    Love and Regret, the first full-length album from Los Angeles’ Cold Showers, straddles the lines between so many genres, it’s easy to assume the band suffers from a slight identity crisis. But, while this quandary might point toward glaring inconsistencies and weaknesses in other musical outfits, Cold Showers’ unique hybridization of minimalist post-punk, melancholic dance pop and raw punk fury works in the group’s favor. The restrained grooves of tracks like “BC” and “So I Can Grow” underscore the pervasive lyrical desolation in such a way that keeps the album from venturing into eye-rolling melodrama. It’s one thing to wallow in pure musical depression — but when a band can sonically capture that struggle to project some external semblance of happiness whilst battling despondency internally, that’s something worth praising.

    Love and Regret is available starting today on Dais, but you can stream the entire LP below.