Stream: Blu’s ‘NoYork!’ Album In Its Entirety

    In the past six months, we have seen Blu randomly drop a new album while still pushing his Warner Bros. debut, NoYork!, with a few killer tracks and, unfortunately, one dud. In other words, the elusive West Coast rapper-producer has, for the most part, remained elusive and random. And that remains true today as we’ve learned that the entirety of NoYork! has leaked to the web.

    We’re not going to post links, of course, but we are going to share a YouTube playlist featuring every track on the album as Blu himself tweeted a link to it. You kind of get the feeling that he just might be fed up with the fact that Warner hasn’t really backed NoYork! as far as we can tell. Although, as fellow Prefix writer Craig Jenkins told me, why would they support something that’s more at home on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label and not mainstream-friendly? Who knows. For now, enjoy the album, which features production from Madlib, Flying Lotus, and others with features from Edan (who kills it), U-God, and J*DaVeY.

    You can stream the album via the YouTube playlist below.