Stream Blackbird Blackbird’s ‘Boracay Planet’ EP

    Mikey Maramag aka Blackbird Blackbird joined the chill wave revolution a few years ago with his atmospheric world of dream pop. His debut album Summer Heart garnered widely positive critical acclaim and put him on the map as one of the top producers of chill wave, folktronica and the like.

    Since then he’s toured all over the United States and Europe. Recently, he’s signed to San Francisco-based Lavish Habits an imprint of Om Records. And with that move, he’ll be coming back with some more of his textural goodness with his new Boracay Planet EP. We’ve already previewed his track “All,” and the other songs that surround it are just as heavenly. Blending electronic beats and organic instruments such as his jangling guitars in the opener “It’s A War,” Maramag found the perfect balance. And eerily enough, “It’s A War” sounds very Cure-esque.

    And coincidentally named after one of the top vacation spots in the Philippines, the whole EP perfectly brings out the mood of Boracay’s beautiful beaches and clear blue skies.

    The EP will drop October 16, 2012 on Lavish Habits.

    [Hype Machine]