Stream: Black Milk’s Collaborative Single With Jack White

    As we reported this past March, Detroit rapper-producer Black Milk traveled down to fellow Motor City native Jack White’s Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville, Tenn. While there, Black Milk planned to record a live album with his killer band and a two-sided single with White serving as co-producer.


    It appears that his function went beyond co-producer because White also played guitar on “Brain” and drums on “Royal Mega,” both of which are as great as you could have hoped. What works so well about these tracks is that they easily could have appeared Black Milk’s fantastic 2010 release, Album of the Year. Like he did on there, Black Milk switches between being a straight-up rapper and bandleader on the single. If he’s not ripping through bars, he’s shouting commands to his players like some sort of modern day hip-hop James Brown. Shit’s ill.


    You can stream “Brain” and “Royal Mega” below. The single is out now digitally and on vinyl.


    Black Milk – Brain by weallwantsome1


    Black Milk – Royal Mega by weallwantsome1


    [We All Want Someone]