Stream: Balam Acab’s ‘Wander / Wonder’

    We became rather taken by Alec Koone, aka Balam Acab, and his latest material back in June when he dropped the first single from his upcoming proper debut, Wander / Wonder. Since then, he’s only continued to increase our interest with tracks like “Apart” and a slick remix of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo.” And before he issues Wander/ Wonder to the world next week, Koone has linked with the folks at NPR to provide a full stream of the project.

    It’s a pretty remarkable and altogether gorgeous effort steeped in sizzurp-soaked beats and synths with sped-up vocal samples providing a haunting, albeit beautiful, element to his tracks. You hear this especially on album highlight “Motion,” a song you would expect someone like Lil B to rap over on his new mixtape. What’s most engaging about the album is its seamlessness and cohesion, which allows it to flow almost exactly like the synths and beats themselves. It’s like taking a milk bath in electronics without, you know, being electrocuted.

    You can stream the entirety of Wander / Wonder at NPR. It drops Aug. 30 on Tri Angle.