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Stream: Arcade Fire's Deluxe Version Of 'The Suburbs'

To celebrate the fact it won a fucking Grammy and is turning one year old, Merge is releasing a deluxe version of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs next Tuesday. But before you get all up in a huff about how you have to wait four days, you can head over to the Daily Beast and hear it all right now. As we previously reported, the release includes two previously unheard tracks, "Culture War" and "Speaking in Tongues," the latter of which features David Byrne. There's also an extended take on "Wasted Hours (A Life That We Can Live)" and director Spike Jonze's Scenes From the Suburbs short film. And a shitload of liner notes and photos from the set of the film.


The deluxe edition of The Suburbs drops Aug. 2 on Merge.

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Arcade Fire


Hey hipster.... What's the matter bud?

Just remember: Arcade Fire. WORLD'S GREATEST BAND.

"Rococo" was written for you.


Haha, wait what? Cuz I said it won a f_cking Grammy? It's called emphasizing what I see as a good thing.

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