Stream Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ (Full Album Stream)

    No more suspense. You can now stream Arcade Fire’s next upcoming album Reflektor. Fit into an 85-minute massive lyric video using the film Black Orpheus, you get a not only the audio but an entertaining visual accompaniment.

    Their album will be officially released on October 29, 2013 via Merge Records.


    Use the times below to find out where to hear the next song:

    0:00:00 Reflektor

    0:07:34 We Exist

    0:13:17 Flashbulb Eyes

    0:16:00 Here Comes the Night Time 

    0:22:30 Normal Person

    0:26:53 You Already Know

    0:30:51 Joan of Arc

    0:46:22 Here Comes the Night Time II

    0:49:07 Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)

    0:55:23 It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)

    1:02:02 Porno

    1:08:05 Afterlife

    1:14:02 Supersymmetry


    Stream the whole album below: