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Stream Aesop Rock's 'Skelethon' In Full

Aesop Rock's latest LP, Skelethon, officially arrived today, but in case you've been hesitant about grabbing a copy without hearing the album, Aesop has made the entire 55-minute available for streaming via Rhymesayers Entertainment's YouTube channel. Aesop's sixth studio album, and first since 2007's None Shall Pass, Skelethon spans 15 tracks and features the previously released "Zero Dark Thirty" and "ZZZ Top." Stream the album below, where you can also find its track list.

  1. Leisureforce
  2. ZZZ Top
  3. Cycles to Gehenna
  4. Zero Dark Thirty
  5. Fryerstarter
  6. Ruby '81
  7. Crows 1
  8. Crows 2
  9. Racing Stripes
  10. 1,000 O'Clock
  11. Homemade Mummy
  12. Grace
  13. Satum Missiles
  14. Tetra
  15. Gopher Guts

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