Stop Peter Bjorn & John

    Via: Idolator
    Now here’s a blog I can get behind. Some crusading soul has taken it upon themself to try and stop the growing popularity of Swedish popsters Peter Bjorn & John and they’ve started an emergency blog to spread the word. The reasoning is as follows:
    “Do we want Peter Bjorn and John to be hailed as the standard bearers for a whole genre of music? And the answer is: NO WAY. As I acknowledged in the previous post, “Young Folks” was catchy and harmless, but this band is not a significant band. Peter Bjorn and John must be stopped. “
    How, you might be asking yourself, does this individual plan to accomplish this? By travelling to SXSW to protest of course. As the blog points out, PB&J will be performing several times at the music conference, and this nameless avatar of justice is organizing a protest rally outside of the trio’s scheduled in-store performance at a local record store Friday March 16. Click here to read all about it. Godspeed, mystery crusader. Godspeed.