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Stop Peter Bjorn & John

Via: Idolator
Now here's a blog I can get behind. Some crusading soul has taken it upon themself to try and stop the growing popularity of Swedish popsters Peter Bjorn & John and they've started an emergency blog to spread the word. The reasoning is as follows:
"Do we want Peter Bjorn and John to be hailed as the standard bearers for a whole genre of music? And the answer is: NO WAY. As I acknowledged in the previous post, "Young Folks" was catchy and harmless, but this band is not a significant band. Peter Bjorn and John must be stopped. "
How, you might be asking yourself, does this individual plan to accomplish this? By travelling to SXSW to protest of course. As the blog points out, PB&J will be performing several times at the music conference, and this nameless avatar of justice is organizing a protest rally outside of the trio's scheduled in-store performance at a local record store Friday March 16. Click here to read all about it. Godspeed, mystery crusader. Godspeed.
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Peter Bjorn & John

This is hilarious. And they are probably behind it maybe. If they were smart they would be. I think PB&J has been over-hyped but in a good way because people are finally happy to have some fun, harmless and unpretentious pop music in the indie world. But as much as I like them I like the sandwich much better. If someone was to boycott the sandwich I would not be laughing. I'd be swinging back. Verbally of course. You know. I'd start a blog or something because the world needs more blogs.

Josh H.

Ha! I love this. It's almost like some kind of Philip K. Dick futureworld thing with them where their name has been repeated so many times in the last few months it's now stuck in people's heads. "Peter Bjorn & John Peter Bjorn & John Peter Bjorn & John PB&J PB&J PB&J..." Aaah!!! If somebody can stop that, I will be greatly appreciative

John Zeiss

I heard Jelly Donut, arch-nemesis of Lady Sov, might be the protester.

Dave Park

Jelly Donut is r.0

Adrian Covert

Jelly can't protest Jelly! Oh wait. It's John. Crap. Keep getting those confused.

Josh H.

I love their album. It is amazing, pure genius one of the best albums of all time. If you don't believe you can watch them perform tonight on Last Call with Carson Daly at 1:35 a.m. on NBC. I know that it's kind of late, but it will totally be worth it. If you miss this you will be missing an amazing opportunity. Come on people stay up all night to watch a meteor shower. So if your willing to watch rocks fall you should be more than willing to watch god like musicians rock out.


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