Stooges to Record New Album with Steve Albini

    I can’t believe CNN scooped this (unless it’s old news), but the Stooges, with Mike Watt subbing for Dave Alexander on bass, are recording a new album with Steve Albini. It’s due out next year on Virgin Records.
    I typically think reunion albums are bad ideas,and this one has its share of suspicious details. For one thing, the youngest of these guys, Albini included, is at least 40. It’s also been 33 years since the Stooges made an album, and it was a really good one. They’re clearly tempting fate here.
    And I can’t imagine any of these guys, Albini included, has much to prove anymore. But comeback albums are hot right now, and why let GNR have all the fun? Plus, I can’t imagine Albini having his name associated with such mediocrity. Aren’t Shellac coming out with a new album, too?