Stones Publicist Says Watts Still in the Fold, Size Does Matter When It Comes to the Web

    In news that must provide much succor to the stewed prunes set, Charlie Watts is apparently not quitting the Rolling Stones. Earlier today, Australian website Undercover quoted a source “within the Stones inner circle” that Watts had quit the band and would be replaced by Keith Richards’ drummer of choice, Charlie Drayton. Watts has been talking retirement for the last few years, so the news wasn’t exactly earth shaking. The band’s publicist was taken slightly aback, however, releasing a statement saying Watts had not quit the band and that the source of the rumor “was a fabricated story that ran this morning on a small music web site in Australia.” Undercover has yet to respond to the allegation, but being so small  it’s legal department is probably still finishing its  paper route. [Idolator]