Stone Roses Singer Ian Brown Uses English Flag As Toilet Paper, Feuds With Drummer

    Photo: Victor Lundmark

    Not every Brit is pleased with the state of affairs in their country. Despite having just celebrated the Queen’s Jubliee and the national football advancing to the quarterfinals of the Euro 2012 tournament, Stone Roses lead singer Ian Brown reportedly wiped his butt with his native land’s flag at a show in Denmark on Saturday night.

    Towards the end of the performance at NorthSide Festival, the singer reportedly saw a fan waving an English flag and had him toss it onstage. “That’s the fucking pope’s flag! Not cool, man!” he said before throwing the flag on the floor, jumping on it and finally wiping his backside with it, according to Danish music website Gaffa

    The incident took place just days after Brown flipped out on drummer Reni during at show in Amsterdam. At the end of the set, the singer told the crowd, “The drummer’s gone home… I’m not joking, the drummer’s gone home. Get all your aggro out on me, I can take it.” He continued: “What can I say, the drummer’s a cunt.” This is the band’s first tour in 16 years and by the looks of things, it could be the last for a while. Watch the video of Brown calling out Reni below: