Stone Roses Reunion Definitely Happening, Band Playing Shows Next Summer

    You remember that Stone Roses reunion rumor from yesterday? Well, it turns out it’s totally true, as the band announced its imminent reunion today in the U.K. The band has plans to play in their hometown of Manchester on June 29 and 30, followed by a world tour afterwards. This comes 15 years after the band broke up, and after years of all principle members–Ian Brown John Squire, Alan Wren and Mani–saying there’s no way in hell they’ll get back together under any circumstances. If this is possible, maybe the Smiths will get back together too.

    The Stone Roses, for those that are uninitiated, rose to fame–in the U.K. at least–thanks to their self-titled debut in 1989, which has since been consistently named as one of the best British albums of all time. The band took five years to record their second LP, and after it had mixed reviews, the band dissolved in acrimony. There are no dates announced for their world tour, but expect a couple festival appearances here and overseas, probably. [CoS