Stone Roses More Important Than Picasso

    That’s according to Britain’s Damien Hirst who, at 215 million pounds, is that country’s richest living artist. He should know, right? He designed the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest album cover, after all. But it’s more a case of comparing fractured cows to oranges, probably.

    Hirst wrote the provocative statement (and nothing else) in an official program for the Stone Roses’ upcoming gigs at Manchester’s Heaton Park this weekend, old stomping grounds for the legendary “Madchester” innovators.

    These are the first hometown shows for the band, who recently reunited after a fifteen-year split. They’ve got some new recordings in the can, and it’s all sparking a big British love-fest. Along with Hirst, Noel Gallagher and former Manchester United midfielder David Beckham contributed their own recollections to the program, with the latter stating that their music “brings back memories of the most happiest time in my football career.”

    The Stone Roses will be playing Heaton Park June 29-July 1 before undertaking a European/Asian tour this summer. [NME]