Stinking Lizaveta demand Sacrifice and Bliss on March 31st

    Martin Luther King, Jr. may not have been able to take us to the promised land, but with their forthcoming album Sacrifice and Bliss on At A Loss, Philly-based instrumental riff messiahs aim to shepherd us the rest of the way. On previous albums, the brothers Papadopoulos and drummer Cheshire Augusta attempted, with varying degrees of success, to replicate the brute sexuality of their stomping, sweaty live shows. This time around they’re going for a slightly more polished studio sound, full of guitar overdubs and clearer textures to complement their propulsive crunch. Behind the boards is underground metal producer du anne Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Lair of the Minotaur, Gigan), and judging from the three new tracks on StinkLiz’s MySpace page, his winning streak ain’t ending anytime soon.

    March 31st is augured as the day on which Sacrifice and Bliss will usher us into the land flowing with milk, honey and sweet, sweet riffs.