Stevie Wonder Performs For 200 People At Obama Rally

    The formula for early voting rallies has been in place for years: Hire a well known artist, they play a song, the crowd goes out to vote and comes back for a full concert. It often proves effective in getting voters out to the polls, but serves no purpose if everyone in attendance has already voted.

    That was the case with an early voting rally hosted by President Obama’s re-campaign at Cleveland State University this past Saturday in which Stevie Wonder performed to only 200 people, all of which had casted their vote. Those in attendance had only found out about the event hours before the 9:30am event, and the Obama for America Ohio Twitter account didn’t even tweet about it until a half hour after it already began.

    What was unfortunately a missed opportunity for the campaign, made for what was most likely a memorable experience those in attendance will never forget. []

    Update: Here is a short clip of Wonder performing for Obama in Cincinnati