Stevie Nicks Talks Reunion Tour, Band Dynamics, Rihanna, And Kanye West

    During a delightfully candid interview with the Huffington Post, Stevie Nicks dished on a colorful array of topics, including the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour, her feelings on Internet piracy and selling records, contemporary pop singers like Rihanna and Beyonce, and why she has so much love for Kanye West. You can read the full interview online, but here are a few choice excerpts.

    On whether or not there’s any tension or awkwardness between the members of Fleetwood Mac:

    [Lindsey] and I are in a really good place, so it’s never about Mick and John being in a good place. They’re always in a good place. They’re happy guys. It’s always the drama queens, me and Lindsey. So the drama queens have really calmed down and let a little bit of that drama go and tried to walk down the road of how lucky we are.

    On Rihanna:

    I saw her on David Letterman many years ago, and she did a live performance of “Shut Up And Drive” and I said to several different people that this girl could start a rock band. She really could be a rock singer. She could front a really great rock-n-roll band and she should. And of course that didn’t happen, and she became a really big star, but she would probably be happier had she actually done something like that because then she could have had Rihanna with a great band. And then she could have been a rock star and she could have gone to her solo Rihanna and been a pop star. She could have done both like I do.

    On the time she wrote Kanye West a letter after his mother passed away (but never sent it):

    I wrote him a three-page letter that was about how I felt about losing his mother and what she must have meant to him and the way that he lost her in such a crazy way. And I never sent it to him because I thought “Oh, he’ll just think this is stupid and what does this girl want with me and what is she writing about my mother for?” And so I never sent it.

    Fleetwood Mac is back on the road for a 34-city tour, beginning April 4 in Columbus, OH. Tickets go on sale Dec. 14.