Steven Tyler’s childhood sex admission shocks Elle readers

    Rock fans know that Steven Tyler is always — pardon the expression — loose lipped in interviews. I remember years ago when he spoke about masturbation on a radio interview and it was the talk of the middle school the next day.


    But the Aerosmith frontman picked an unlikely forum to be totally frank: the women’s magazine Elle. In his recent interview, Mr. "Love in an Elevator" spoke about sex on planes, getting crabs, and having a thing for twins. It was the last of these that probably left the biggest impression. In the opening of the interview, Tyler relates that his first sexual experience came "age of seven with twins." We assume Dr. Laura and Chris Hanson needed smelling salts after that one.


    So did Elle’s online readers, who made their feelings known with lots o’ negative comments. Someone named Dani called him a "PIG" (in all caps, no less), while Leah called him out on "spreading STDs, lying (and being unfaithful." The words "pencil dick" were bandied about. Hm. It’s up for question whether Tyler is blending fact with fiction with this interview, but whatever the case, he’s sure not growing any less feisty with age.


    Sociologically speaking, one of the main points made on "seduction community/pick-up artist" blogs like Roissy in DC  is that women always prefer caddish Alpha males to  polite Beta guys. Since the Tyler interview was in a women’s mag under the heading "Men We Love," well, it’s hard not to think they have a point over there. Somewhere.