Steven Tyler Possibly Plotting Neo-Style Vengeance After Judge Dismisses Suit Against Unidentified Bloggers

    Steven Tyler says that unidentified bloggers are writing mean things about him on the Internet, but a judge tossed his lawsuit after, dubious that Tyelr could identify the perpetrators. Tyler alleges that various bloggers have made false statements and impersonated him online, as well as releasing personal information about him. How an unconnected party could be both acting like Tyler and releasing actual damaging information at the same time is kind of a head scratcher, but it pales in comparison with how a person could bring a lawsuit against unidentified parties. How was the case brought before the judge – Steven Tyler vs. luvnnelevator69 et al.? Obviously, though, the only recourse left to Tyler now that the justice system has failed him so completely is to enter the Matrix and duke it out Keanu style with the cyber-baddies. On the Net, there’s nowhere to hide. [Contact]