Steven Tyler Might Sue Other Aerosmith Members If They Hire New Singer

    Billboard is reporting that the Aerosmith/Steven Tyler divorce is about to (probably) get messier: Tyler is contemplating suing the rest of his band if they decide to hire a new singer and continue using the Aerosmith name. Tyler’s handlers have called for a Feb. 9 meeting of Aerosmith shareholders to discuss the next year, which Tyler is insisting will consist of a new record and a new tour. If his bandmates decide to still boot him and hire someone else, he will sue, since he is Aerosmith, man:

    “Can you imagine the manager of the Rolling Stones calling for the replacement of Mick Jagger? It’s just absurd…Tyler is very unique, distinctive. Steven is Aerosmith, along with the others. He’s the guy the public knows. He’s the singer. I’m blown away that the current manager would even suggest something like (replacing him),” read a letter from Tyler’s lawyer. 

    I think the real question is is how will state fairs survive if Aerosmith don’t tour this year? I mean, with Tyler or not, the deep-fried Twinkie economy is worrying about this news. [Billboard]