Steven Tyler Details How He’s Still Alive, New Album

    To look at Steven Tyler–especially in that freakish Burger King commercial–is to see a dessicated rock star corpse from the Keith Richards School Of How Are You Still Alive. Yet somehow Tyler keeps on ticking, enough to plan a new Aerosmith album. He was so excited about New Music From Another Dimension that he quit his judging position on American Idol and told Rolling Stone what the new music will sound like.

    Apparently, judging by new single “Oh Yeah,” it will have “a great rock feel to it” that will “make people think ‘Oh, yeah!'” The individual band members all wrote their own songs for the record, and Tyler’s “so fucking proud of that.”

    But how does he still function after forty years of drama and drug abuse? According to Tyler, “it’s the music that’s keeping us alive.” No daily vitamin regimen, voodoo dolls, or hot and crispy chicken strips, just enough boilerplate rock and roll to jumpstart his heart every now and then. Of course, he has an almost Zen-like outlook on interband squabbles now: if Joe Perry is giving him lip, Tyler just says “‘Fuck you about your ‘fuck you!'” Thus, in November, we’ll receive a much more enlightened Aerosmith album.