Steve Miller Mad At Florida Politician Too

    It is basically the worst week to be a candidate for a senate seat in Florida*, as musicians are crawling out of the woodwork to take shots at them. First it was David Byrne trying to sue the self-satisfied pants off Charlie Crist for using a Talking Heads song without permission, and now it’s Steve Miller, sending a public letter asking candidate Marco Rubio to stop using “Take the Money and Run” as his official campaign song. Here’s Miller’s letter:

    It has come to my attention that Marco Rubio is using one of my songs in a campaign ad for US Senate.


    The Steve Miller Band and Steve Miller do not endorse Marco Rubio’s campaign or any political candidates and respectfully request that Mr. Rubio learn more about publishing law and intellectual property rights. I also ask that in the future he extends me the courtesy of asking permission before using my songs.


    Yours, Steve Miller


    I wonder if Rubio’s ideas of personal liberty extend to musicians not wanting hack politicians stealing their music. Also, can someone explain to me how a song about a bank robbery connects to a guy trying to win a senate seat? Apparently Rubio has also been using an Allman Brothers song in his ads, but they’re maybe cool with it? At any rate, we’re back to the whole politician using song without asking news cycle. Don’t you love when democracy is in the air? [Daily Swarm


    *- Beyond the usual stuff of, you know, actually having to live in Florida.