Stereogum Picks 20 Overlooked LPs of 2010

    Stereogum has just posted their “20 Most Overlooked LPs of 2010.” They note that the list is a compilation of “sleepers” that, “for some reason or other,” didn’t make their Top 50 of 2010 list, though it’s also a pretty good collection of interesting music that didn’t seem to show up on year-end lists in general. This could speak to the homogenization of opinions in the major voices of indie music media or it could mean that there were simply a lot of artists making memorable albums that were undeniably the “best” of the year. 


    Or maybe it’s just coincidence? Anyway, none of this can really hinder the enjoyment of choice jams from Beach Fossils, Blessure Grave, Prince Rama and others in the link above. [Stereogum]