Stephen Stills Says Mitt Romney Is “A Creepier Politician Than Richard Nixon”

    With the election only a week away, expect for more celebrities to voice their opinions in order to try to sway voters with bold talk bashing the candidate they don’t approve of. Penning an article for Rolling Stone, Stephen Still endorses Barack Obama while saving his harshest words for Mitt Romney.

    Throughout his entertaining piece, Stills compares the people involved in the election to the characters in Blazing Saddles, praising Obama for saving the country from disaster while blaming the Bush Administration for the current predicament.

    But he saves his harshest words for Romney, whom he compares to one of the most notorious presidents in American history.

    “With only a few days left, there is very little opportunity for nuance, so I will just tell you from my gut,” Stills writes. “I never in my lifetime thought I would see a creepier politician than Richard Nixon, but in the last few days, it became clear that Willard Mitt Romney is really, really creepy. Icky creepy, as my granddaughter would put it.”

    If Romney becomes the next president, don’t expect Stills to play at the Inaugural Ball.