Stephen Colbert Will Be On ‘The Office’ This Season

    Ed Helms’s character on The Office, Andy Bernard (aka The Nard Dog) constantly reminds us season-after-season of his glory days at Cornell, specifically his a cappella group Here Comes Treble. We’ve heard passing references to such classic Treble singers as Broccoli Rob, but this season we’ll finally get to meet the person behind such a fantastic nickname. Stephen Colbert will reunite with his old Daily Show colleague and star as Rob in this season’s Halloween episode (Oct. 25).

    According to EW, “Andy discovers that the smarmy, competitive Broccoli Rob is singing a different tune about the history of the group and stirring up drama, which only intensifies the rivalry between these two frenemies.” The Office‘s ninth and final season started last night and plays ever Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. Below, watch Andy serenading Pam and Jim with his Here Comes Treble tape.