Stephen Colbert Lectures Black Eyed Peas About Product Placement (and Jeremih About Birthday Gifts) (Video)


    Stephen Colbert does an occasional segment on his show called “MeTunes” that lampoons the desire of Brian Williams (who has BriTunes) and other news anchors to appeal to music fans. On Thursday’s show, he took on the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” and gives it zero mes because they missed many product placement opportunities in the video (he calls them the “masters of the mass-market sell-out), compares Jeremih to “Jeremeh,” and says his song could have sold as well if it was called “Cupcake Reach-Around,” and then scolds Sean Kingston for advocating inappropriate use of “911.” I wish he’d do this segment on every show. [Daily Swarm]