Statistician Nate Silver Could Have A Career In Hollywood

    The recent presidential election taught Americans something very important — when you properly apply math and science, you can actually predict some outcomes. 

    A lot of pundits, from Karl Rove to Peggy Noonan, dismissed polls by sharp statisticians like Nate Silver and Sam Wang who predicted that President Obama was going to handily win election. These folks claimed their gut and their experience told them that Mitt Romney would be the victor. Unfortunately, reality proved them wrong. 

    Now Silver, who once revolutionized baseball statistics and started his blog, FiveThirtyEight, in 2008, is attracting a lot of media attention. After Obama’s first victory, which Silver correctly predicted on a state-by-state basis, his blog was purchased by The New York Times and accounted for over 20 percent of its online viewership the week of the election. 

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Silver has been approached by numerous talent agencies, all of which are interested in securing work for the mathematician. Silver could possibly work in consulting, help predict box office returns or simply write more books about numbers-based ideas. However, for now he’s taking some time off to relax after the frenzy of the 2012 election